Keep the Tax Man Away - The Lowdown on the Best Cash ISAs

A cash ISA is a sensible move for anybody with savings or investments. You’ll save tax and therefore increase the amount of money your savings bring you. And by comparing the ISA products online you can be sure you get the best bang for your buck.

How Is a Cash ISA Different to Other Savings Accounts?

When you use a regular savings account you’ll have to hand over 20% of the interest you earn to the Government. And if you are in the higher tax bracket, you’ll need to hand over a whopping 40%.

The interest on a cash ISA on the other hand, is not taxed and there are plenty of these products available if you look around. Everybody over the age of 16 gets an allowance of £5760 to save tax-free every year whether you have other ISAs or not. Take your pick from instant access, base rate guarantee and fixed rate ISAs that will give you the best returns on your money.

Once your money is locked in the ISA it will stay tax free - the Government cannot get their hands on your savings. And don’t worry if you have another ISA elsewhere - your ISA allowance renews each year allowing you to open as many cash ISA accounts as you want.

Compare the Top Cash ISAs with Save Money Online

We make it easy to look after your money. We select the top cash ISAs and ensure that you can see which is the best deal for you at a glance. Save Money Online saves you the hassle of tracking down the best ISA deals on the high street and lets you do everything from your own home. What’s more - most banks allow you to open an ISA online too!

Make the most of your savings with a cash ISA. It’s just one of the many savings and financial products you can get the best returns on thanks to Save Money Online.

Bank Rate Allows Transfers Min. Deposit Access Link
Coventry BS 2.6% No £1 Online, Post, In Branch Link
Cheshire 2.3% Yes £1000 Post Link
NS&I 2.25% No £1 Online, Post Link
HSBC 1.7% Yes £1 Online Link
Lloyds TSB 1% Yes £1 Online Link
Natwest 1.5% Yes £1 Phone, Post, Online Link
Halifax 1.5% Yes £1 Phone, Post, Online Link
Santander 0.5% Yes £0 Phone, ATM, Online Link
Barclays 1.29% Yes £1 Phone, Branch, Online Link
Coop 0.5% Yes £1 Phone, Branch, Online Link