Don't Pay Another Penny in Credit Card Interest - Compare the Best Deals Here

Credit cards have revolutionised the way we shop and spend at home and abroad. But to play it clever with these lines of credit, you need to stay one step ahead of the credit card providers and play them at their own game. If you use Save Money Online regularly to check out the latest 0% credit card deals there is no reason why you should ever pay another penny in credit card interest.

Credit Card Secrets ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know

Always look for the credit cards that have the longest 0% deals. Some last for as long as 2 years, but it’s important that you keep track of when these deals come to an end. Also, remember that balance transfers incur a transfer fee so check out how much it will cost you to move your money around.

You'll also need to check out the small print on 0% credit cards before you transfer a balance. Make sure that you got the deal you expected. Some credit cards may say at the time of application that you will get a 24 month 0% deal but when it comes down to it, it could be less. If in doubt, call your credit card provider to arrange the transfer over the phone.

Get the Best 0% Deals with Save Money Online

Don't go for the first 0% deal you see. We can help you find the best deals for the longest periods. Remember, with so many credit card deals around, there is no reason why you should pay a penny in credit card interest again. Save Money Online shows you how.

Card Rate Length Fee Min. Repayment Link
Barclaycard 0% 26 Months 3.5% 1% of balance plus interest or £5 Link
Halifax 0% 25 Months 2.4% 1% of balance plus interest or £5 Link
MBNA 0% 23 Months 2.85% 1% of balance plus interest or £5 Link